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FAQ’s: Residential

Faq’s Residential

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Pressure Washing Companies – All the Same?

No. Even though we know that the average person can pick up a pressure washer and start advertising their services it takes experience and knowledge to operate this equipment effectively. If you put a pressure washer in the hands of an unskilled worker there could be serious damage done to your property.

I Received a Bid from Another Company Offering Very Low Prices? Why are Your Prices Higher?

Various companies offer pressure washing at lower prices because they use harmful chemicals without professional equipment, and/or lack proper insurance and expertise. Usually, they damage your property or do unsatisfactory work because they cut corners. According to the Better Business Bureau, very low-priced offers and services equate to the most complaints and unresolved issues. Our pricing is competitive while still affordable with the highest quality cleaning service that you will find in the Triangle area!

How Often Should I Have My Home’s Exterior Washed?

It depends on a few things – One is how much sunlight that your home receives. Vinyl sided homes tend to accumulate mold and mildew on their shady sides. All structures are susceptible to environmental contaminants and becoming an eyesore over time. We suggest pressure washing your home at least once per year.

Do I Need to Be Home When You’re Working on My Property?

No. All that we require is that you close all your windows, clear your driveway, and clear your deck of items (like grills and furniture). You can receive an electronic invoice once we finish and you are satisfied with our work.

Is an Outdoor Water Source Needed?

Yes. Although we hold 275 gallons on our truck, that only lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. As most of our jobs take longer than that, we need to have access to an outdoor water source.

What Are the Dark Stains on My Siding?

Most likely mold as it needs moisture (humidity) to grow. We remove mold with our low-pressure method and commercial grade cleaning chemicals.

Will the Chemicals You Use Because Damage to My House or Plants?

No. Our safe and biodegradable cleaning chemicals will not harm your home or landscape. Over many years of research and the use of various products, we know what works best. As an extra step, we saturate your vegetation before, during, and after the cleaning process to ensure that your plants and home are not damaged.

Will You Remind Us When We Require Service Again?

Yes, all of our customers are added to our reminder list. We notify you through e-mail when it’s time for your next service.

How do you use a waterfed pole to wash windows?

waterfed pole makes the job of washing windows easy. This is especially true when the windows are higher than human height because the waterfed pole can be lengthened.

The waterfed pole should only make use of purified water which is pumped at high pressure, to clean the windows. The wet brush at the end of the pole is used to scrub all the grime and dirt that have accumulated on them.

Put those clumsy pails and hoses aside. They make the job of cleaning windows longer and harder.

The waterfed pole you should use should conveniently come with a double goose neck that makes it easy for you to add a brush or a squeegee to the end of the pole, enabling the cleaning process to be more efficient and comprehensive.

And it’s not only dirty windows that can’t escape the wrath of the waterfed pole. All the hard to reach grimy surfaces of your office building and home are easily washed with it too, because it its length and the strong water pressure.

How do you wash residential windows?

Usually, a house has 20 to 50 windows. To clean these dirty windows, you need a proper washing system. Now, it may not be always possible for you to call professional window cleaners. Hence, many people wash their residential windows themselves.

Ladders, buckets, window cleaning solutions, squeegees, scrubbers, and more window washing tools are required to clean a window. But, if you use a water fed pole system, then you can finish washing all your windows quickly without streaks left behind.

Here is how to do residential window cleaning with a pure water system:

1) Equipment Needed

To start window washing, you need – a water-fed pole, a hose, and distilled water. Your water-fed pole should be extendable and it should have a soft brush on its top.

2) Test Water and Purify It

Now, you have to test how dirty of your home’s water is, so you may need to purchase a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter and test your home water. Then, use DI filters or portable RO filters to purify the water.

Your goal is to get ‘zero’ (0) on the TDS meter. ‘0’ PPM is soft and pure water and you should use it to clean your windows.

3) Start Washing

The water fed pole has a (controller) trigger. When you press the trigger the water comes from the backpack and travels through the pole. Thus, you can get water on your windows whenever you need it. So, wet your windows and use the brush to clean all the dirt and grime.

4) Rinse The Windows

At last, you should rinse the windows well with pure water. Then, leave your windows to dry. You will get streak-free windows at the end of the day.

Why Is Window Cleaning Important for Your House?

Your house is not just a place where you can rest, sleep, and store your belongings. More than its functionalities, your house is an extension of yourself. More often than not, a clean and tidy house speaks good things about its owner. If you want to make your house clean, you need to start with your windows. It doesn’t matter what kind of window you have; you need to keep them clean for a couple of reasons. Here are a few of them.

Better view
If you’re still wondering why, the most important reason for window cleaning is having a better indoor and outdoor view. If your interior is clean, it will upgrade the look of the living space. And if you have a glass window, you have to clean them all the more because it can obstruct your property’s view. A dirty window is always a turn-off, so better wash and brush them away.

Slowed degradation
It’s typical for things in our house to experience normal wear and tear. And most of the time, these things reach their expiry dates and outgrow their usefulness. Dust, grime, mold, and other microbes can cause your window and other furniture and fixtures to get dilapidated prematurely. If you don’t clean them, especially your window, they will naturally look older than they’re usually are.

This Information was kindly provided by from Boise, Idaho.

Is Window Cleaning Easy?

Windows reflect the cleanliness of your house. But, you need the right equipment to perform a job worthy of a professional window cleaner in Raleigh. Additionally, you need to invest some precious hours to clean all the windows in your house.

If you have the right equipment and proper planning, then you can clean windows easily. This means you should not start cleaning your windows in a hurry.

Cleaning Windows With The Right Equipment Always Saves Time

Home Made Window Cleaning Solution

Mix distilled vinegar and water (1:10 ratio) to clean your windows.

Use A Squeegee

A squeegee can help you to clean windows without a mess.

Use Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth can help you to have streak-free windows. So, use them.

Pure Water

Rinse your windows with distilled water to make your windows spotless.

Water-fed Pole

A water-fed pole can help you to clean high windows. So, you won’t need ladders.

You can also call professionals to clean your windows perfectly within a short time.

How Often Should Windows Get Washed?

Most people don’t think about window washing until the rain or when they’re putting up or taking down decorations that require a clear surface. But just because windows don’t usually show dirt doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be washed.

Dirt on a window is accumulative and can eventually block light transmission, which causes energy costs to go higher and dry out the air within your home plus lead to undesirable conditions such as mold growth. Additionally, pressure-washing your windows is the most effective way to rid them of bug splatter; bugs carry bacteria like E. coli which can then become airborne within your home once you’ve removed it from your exterior surfaces! A professional service should clean four times per year in order for you to get maximum efficiency and keep your glass looking its best!

How Much Does it Cost to Get Outside Windows Cleaned?

Raleigh homeowners should be prepared to pay between $150 and $200 for a basic, general clean. This includes washing the window surface with soap and water along with removal of tough grime buildup on windows. If you want windows resealed following the cleaning then that will add an additional $100-$250 on top depending on how many windows are cleaned. The window cleaning prices vary by region based upon wages and operating expenses, which is why there is a difference in price from company to company.

A professional window cleaner will ask you what type of work they need to do before giving you an estimate; some companies charge per window pane or per house or building while others charge by number of high exposures such as bay, bow, transom glass, how many stories, or even how much ladder work there is at your property.

This information was provided to us from Tropical Services in Orlando, FL.

What do window washers use to clean windows?

Professional window washers use professional grade squeegees to clean windows. Squeegee features like a dual-sided blade, a comfortable handle grip, and an arched blade are all expected from any top shelf squeegee. Conversely, cheap window cleaners will encourage squeaky screeches out of your windows with their scratchy blades or put off rust around the screws with unwashed hands.

Safety should be high on any window washing company’s list of priorities, so check safety records before you make your decision if a company is reputable. 

What Does Residential Gutter Cleaning Services Include?

High water pressure is used to remove the dirt and clear out all the downspouts in your entire gutter system.

We also provide the following services for your gutter cleaning:

  • Inspection for gutter and downspout integrity, catch basin condition, and roof structure.
  • Complete washing of the gutters in the area being serviced.
  • Cleaning/removal of any leaves or other debris from the gutters in the area being serviced.
  • Washing all downspouts located in the area being service to include insect removal if needed.
  • Final inspection upon completion o f work and a “clean” certificate is provided with estimate should customer so desire it.

How do I find the best window cleaner near me?

There are a number of ways you can find the best window cleaner near you, most notably by putting a lot of trust in online reviews. Reviews are helpful because they tell the reader about someone else’s experiences with the business.

If most reviews are positive, then it is likely that this business is trustworthy and does good work. However, if reviews are mixed or negative, then this may be an indication that this company needs improvement to deliver on their promises.

You may also consider calling and speaking to the owner or manager when looking for the best window cleaning company.

Will Windex leave streaks on my windows?

When you use Windex to clean your windows, it leaves streaks. If you use a squeegee to clean them after, no streaks will show up. The product contains ammonia and the ammonia gets on the glass and makes it streaky.

Additionally if you have tinted windows, the ammonia in the product will harm the window tint.  The problem with using Windex is that you are simply moving the dirt around the glass with a paper towel or a rag, when a squeegee will evenly remove all dirt from the glass or window.

Can I pressure wash my pavers if they have been sealed?

Yes, you can pressure wash sealed pavers as long as the machine nozzle is set to a lower fan-jet. If it’s been a few years since they were sealed, be sure to test an area first before doing the entire surface.

If your pavers have recently been sealed there’s no need for concern about harming them – only a clean water nozzle will do. However, if your pavers have already started looking less than pristine it may not hurt to consider having them resealed because once sealer begins to wear off from bowing and curbing areas it becomes much more difficult for that type of dirt buildup to be removed easily later on down the road.

This information was given to us by Stingray Sealing Services in Sarasota, Florida

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