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2 Reasons to Schedule a Professional Roof Washing

Are you struggling to find the time to go and do a thorough washing of your roof? No worries, contact your local roof washing professional to get the job done for you!
If you are in one of these situations, read on for the top two reasons you need to schedule expert roof washing!

Reason 1: It Prolongs Your Roof’s Lifespan

One of the biggest reasons you should schedule a professional service is to eliminate the algae that take over the top of your home.
Algae growing on roofs can be highly destructive and have disastrous consequences. It can lead to the structural integrity of your roof coming into question as the algae slowly eats through your shingles. This will result in you having to replace many, or all the shingles, which is a huge financial burden. Also, having algae often ruins your home’s curb appeal.
However, scheduling a regular roof washing with a trustworthy company, such as TLC Exterior Cleaning Services, will prevent most algae growth and improve the quality of your roof’s shingles. With roof cleaning, you can say goodbyes to destructive bacteria and save money by not needing replacement shingles as frequently.

Reason 2: It Boosts Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the term used for determining the attractiveness of a house from the outside view when a buyer or renter first looks at it from the street. Put more simply; it’s your home’s first impression.
Curb appeal is crucial in improving the overall look of your home and can even better your chances of selling your home more quickly and at a higher price. Most realtors suggest that sellers improve their curb appeal before putting their homes on the market. One of the best ways to boost your curb appeal exponentially is to schedule a roof washing service.
Doing this task will increase your chance of selling or renting your home.

Get Your Roof Taken Care of Today

Now that you know why you should have this burdensome task handled by a top pressure washing company, you should not hesitate to contact us here at TLC Exterior Cleaning Services. We are dedicated to providing you with the best roof cleaning available.
Give us a call, and we will be sure to prolong your roof’s lifespan and boost your curb appeal. Get a free estimate for roof washing today!

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