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Shopping Centers And Retail Storefronts

Clean Windows Can Increase Foot Traffic!

Usually in stand-alone retail stores, small or large shopping centers, and malls, we understand how important that first impression is for storefront windows to get that critical foot traffic. We work to do the absolute best job every single time we clean your storefront windows. That includes sparkling clean windows and ledges, inside and out. You will see a difference, we promise. Also, don’t forget your mirrors or showcases. We clean those too.

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So, How Do We Do It Without Streaks?

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We use state-of-the-art equipment coupled with thoroughly trained technicians with a critical eye for detail. We make it look easy (but it’s not!). Our window cleaning service is worth its weight in gold, because it saves time. Your untrained employees just can’t do what we do nearly as efficiently or effectively. And, don’t they have more important things to do than clean windows? In fact, you could be wasting time as in some cases, the windows they clean will look worse than before they were cleaned.

Let us keep the image that you show the public clean so that you and your employees can do what you do best. Windows and ledges are the first thing the customer experiences when they enter your store. When we clean your windows – that first impression is there. Potential customers notice and the way they perceive your business makes all the difference. Don’t let those customers walk on by. Let us create an atmosphere that welcomes customers into your business. Turn to TLC Exterior Cleaning Services, Inc. to safely, economically, effectively, and reliably make your storefront, office, or restaurant shine.

Our professional staff is highly trained, extremely careful, conscientious, and we work with a smile. If anything unexpected were to occur, we are fully insured.

What your neighbors are saying…

“Great feeling to have all the windows cleaned inside and out after pollen season is over! Having it completed in 1 1/2 hours even better! Quick work, respectful of plants outside and careful inside, neat and tidy. Highly recommend!”

Jo S. – Chapel Hill
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