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Store Owners & Managers

Are You A Store Owner Or Manager?

Whether you are a proud store owner of a mom and pop or the manager of a retail chain, windows are the first thing customers see! Which is why they need maintenance. Dirty windows can make potential customers walk right on by. Sparkling clean windows not only make a great impression, but also show a buyer that you care and pay attention to details.

Regular window cleaning maintenance can keep your customers interested in what’s inside as they walk by or walk in.

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Why Hire A Professional Window Cleaning Service?

We can save the store owner/manager/employees valuable time running the store and not cleaning windows. Our technicians get the job done quickly and in less time with our expertise and proper equipment. Also, we come prepared for any weather.

Thinking about a janitorial service? Let’s compare. A janitorial service may use equipment that is less effective, more time consuming and produces a lower quality result. As our business is window cleaning, we provide both experience and the right equipment. In addition, a janitorial fee is typically part of a cleaning ‘package’ that may be higher than TLC Exterior Cleaning Services, Inc. pricing. To compare apples to apples, just ask how often they are contracted to clean windows and what their price is if they remove the window cleaning from that ‘package’. As window cleaning specialists, our technicians are quicker often providing a lower price with excellent results.

TLC Exterior Cleaning Services, Inc. realizes that as a business owner your storefront is often your most important first impression. Dirty windows, sidewalks and dumpsters, especially for restaurant storefronts, can deter potential customer from trying your establishment. Sparkling windows, sidewalks and patios are not only a reflection on your business; they’re a reflection on us!

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