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Gutter Cleaning

Our Gutter Cleaning Services

Clogged Gutters Can Lead To Very Expensive Home Repairs

Cleaning Gutters is laborious and dirty, no-homeowner-enjoys-this task. We offer gutter cleaning services so can avoid this task.

No more climbing ladders and getting your hands dirty.

No more asking the neighbor or your husband to clean the gutters and hoping they don’t fall.

Call us and we’ll clean your gutters quickly and efficiently. Homes and businesses alike can benefit from gutter cleaning. Keep yourself and family members safe; have us do the work for you.

We can clean the inside and polish the outside!

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Gutters: Cleaning The Inside

tlc gutter cleaning service apex nc is here to clean your gutters!

It can be nice to relax with a warm drink cozied up while listening to the rain outside. However, it’s not so cozy watching rainwater flowing over the edge of the gutter line.

Improperly functioning gutters can lead to a rusted system where replacement becomes inevitable. The primary function of the gutter system is to move moisture and rain away from the home, preventing leaks and flooding to the home’s interior.

When debris is in the gutter, water gets trapped and freezes in winter, forming ice dams. When the ice dams begin to melt, water gets under the shingles and works its way into the home’s ceilings and walls causing water damage and mold. Research indicates that 87% of all exterior home mold starts in the gutters. Plus, ice dams are heavy and cause harm not only to the homes interior and roof, but also to the gutter system itself.

This damage can be greatly reduced by having the gutters cleaned out regularly

A Better Way To Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning the gutter system is an unavoidable, time consuming and physically challenging task. As with other maintenance tasks, TLC Exterior Cleaning Services, Inc. knows that when it comes to cleaning your gutters, timing is everything. Ideally a home’s gutter system should be cleaned twice per year, at the beginning of spring and at the beginning of fall.

Cleaning the gutters in early spring will ensure proper flow, minimizing the risk of rust and weight damage during the rainy season. Having the gutters cleaned at the beginning of fall ensures the leaves will still be dry, minimizing the chance for mold build up. When precipitation occurs the water will flow freely through the gutter and into the downspout ensuring little or no damage to the gutter.

Do not wait to have the gutters cleaned only one time per year. Minimal cleaning assures small animals such as squirrels and birds have had time to nest among the debris and leave their droppings in the gutter. The presence of organic matter and water leads to the formation of mold, contributing to the further clogging of the gutter system.

What If You Have Gutter Guards, Gutter Screens, Or Foam Inserts In Or On Your Gutter System?

Caution: If our company did not install the gutter or gutter guard system currently in place, you the homeowner need to be aware that TLC Exterior Cleaning Services, Inc. is not responsible for any existing or future damage caused by cleaning out your gutters.

Gutter protection systems come in all shapes and sizes and are generally made of sheet metal, plastic, or foam inserts. The exposure of the guards to the elements increases the potential of damage even further.

For example: plastic and thin sheet metal guards have a tendency to warp and become brittle after prolonged exposure to the sun, wind , and rain. Foam inserts will only last for so long before they begin to disintegrate.

TLC Exterior Cleaning Services, Inc. won’t be responsible for the aforementioned or for broken clips, prongs, holes, bent pieces of screen or guards or any other common issues with gutter guards that face the elements. 

Please be advised that if we were to remove the gutter system to access and clean, the gutter protection system warranty may be voided.

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What is the solution?

Over time we have tried various methods to clean gutters with gutter guard systems in place. We have only come up with one way to clean them without voiding the warranty or affecting the integrity of the gutter system. If you have some type of gutter guard system in place, the five steps below will outline how we clean your gutters.

  1. Clean the top of the ‘guards’ off – removing any debris that has accumulated.
  2. Clean any debris off the roof valleys – only going up as far as the technician can reach using a pole.
  3. Use a pressure washing wand or hose sprayer (spraying inside the gutter) to push the debris toward and down the downspout until all debris are removed from the gutter and downspout.
  4. If the downspouts have an underground pipeline to channel the water, we will remove the piping from the downspout end to prevent clogging from any gutter debris (we are not responsible for cleaning the underground gutter piping).
  5. Rinse any overspray or debris off the outside of the gutter, fascia, windows, siding, or other area affected by the overspray.

Do you have a guarantee?

We offer a 30 day guarantee that your gutters and downspouts are completely free of debris once we have completed the gutter cleaning service. If you discover we missed something 29 days later, just call us and we’ll schedule a follow up service call free of charge. By the way, we’re the only gutter cleaning company in Greater Raleigh that offers a 30 day guarantee!

Final Thoughts

We have all been disappointed with poor customer service. This is why we focus on doing things the right way. We combine old style service with the latest in gutter cleaning and polishing technology. You deserve the difference of using our professional services; so spoil yourself. Whether you invite us to perform gutter cleaning and/or polishing only or have us perform multiple services, you will be glad you settled for nothing less than that thorough TLC Exterior Cleaning Services, Inc. Cleaning! Call us now to see the difference! Questions, see the Gutter Cleaning FAQ’s.

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning or Polishing Cost?
The price of gutter cleaning depends on a number of factors including:

  • Number of stories
  • Are ‘gutter guards’ in place
  • Square footage of home
  • Linear feet of gutter system
  • Long reaches or areas that require working over or around obstacles

Every home is different and should be looked at independently of any other home. A ‘one-price-fits all’ quote is not how TLC Exterior Cleaning Services, Inc. approaches your individual job.

Homeowners, renters, property managers and Realtors have trusted us to take care of their gutters and downspouts. We are fast, friendly and affordable. And every job receives our 100% job satisfaction guarantee. Our locally trained technicians have the right equipment, experience and know-how to take care of your gutters the TLC Exterior Cleaning Services, Inc.’s Way!

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