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Use Pressure Washing to Give Your Home TLC After Winter Months

Emerging from winter feels like emerging from a hundred years of slumber – and then you discover that your home’s exterior looks as drab and weathered as you’d expect.
Don’t panic – you’re not alone, and there’s an easy solution. Nothing sweeps away winter doldrums like a thorough pressure washing service!

Professional pressure washing technicians can reverse the clock on winter’s chill touch, bringing a springtime glow to your home’s walls and exterior structures. You’ll be entertaining your friends and family in style once the weather warms up; all it takes is a quick call.

Professional Pressure Washing – Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Few sights are lovelier than a North Carolina spring. Once the azaleas burst into bloom in early April, the whole countryside looks like a scene straight out of a fairytale.
In such magical surroundings, it simply won’t do to have your property covered in dirty streaks, salt stains, and other signs of cold weather. Fortunately, a team of professional pressure washers can banish all traces of winter gloom from your home with just a few waves of their wands!


Vinyl siding shows dirt and grim easily – thankfully, it’s also a prime candidate for pressure washing. You won’t believe the difference in your property’s visual appeal once your pressure-washing team has swept the mud and mildew off your siding!

Concrete Walkways and Patios

Slippery moss, sticky residue, clumps of caked-on mud – not only are they ugly, but these blemishes can also make your concrete surfaces hazardous to walk on, especially for elderly friends and relatives. Power washing is the fastest, most efficient way to clean your concrete hardscapes and make them safe for guests.


Few people are willing to gamble on hosing off their driveways when there’s a chance the pavement could freeze overnight. That means oil stains tend to accumulate during the winter.
A pressure washer is a perfect tool to clean off your driveway. Your technician can adjust the spray to remove stubborn gunk without causing damage, leaving behind a smooth and gleaming surface ready to welcome guests.

Decks and Fences

Most of us don’t use our entertaining outdoor spaces much in cold weather, so they’ve usually acquired a stubborn coating of dirt by spring. Licensed power washing technicians can restore your deck to its pre-winter glory – just in time for your first barbecue!
Need to re-stain or paint your wooden fence? Have it professionally cleaned first to ensure you get the best results.

Why Use Professional Pressure Washers?

If you’ve ever tried to really deep-clean your siding or concrete with the tools at your disposal, you’ve experienced firsthand how unsuitable a garden hose is for the task. But what about renting a power

washer and going the DIY route?
Here’s why we recommend leaving the job to the experts.

Safety First

Pressure washing equipment is powerful and effective. It’s also very dangerous! You must follow strict power washing guidelines to protect yourself, your home, and the environment – failure to do so could result in serious injury, extensive property damage, and heavy fines.
Professional technicians like the experts at TLC Exterior Cleaning Services have the training, knowledge, and skill to wash any outdoor surface safely and efficiently. We know exactly how much pressure to use and how to prepare each area to ensure your total satisfaction with the final result. Proven Results
If you’ve never used a pressure washer before, getting impressive results is going to be next to impossible. Choose a company with a track record of excellent service and a long list of glowing references – you’re guaranteed a job well done.

No Mess, No Stress

Nothing takes the wind out of your sails like spending all day on a grueling project like house washing and then having to clean up after yourself when you’re finally done.
Hiring pros makes clean-up a breeze. No dragging cleaning products to and from the garage, no wrestling with heavy dropcloths or fussy downspout covers – all of that is included in the price of your pressure washing service.

Make Your Castle’s Walls Sparkle This Spring!

After hunkering down and shivering through a long, chilly winter, all of us can use a little TLC – including your sanctuary. Let us be your knights in shining armor – we’ll bring a professional touch to your exterior cleaning project and deliver the happily ever after you and your home deserve.
Get ready to fall in love with your home all over again – contact TLC Exterior Cleaning Services for a fast quote today!

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