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The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your dryer vent is essential. It can easily trap dirt, dust, and lint as it transfers the heat from your house to the outdoors.
Many people need to pay more attention to cleaning their dryer’s ventilation system and remember to do so.
Here are 3 top reasons why dryer vent cleaning is vital!

1. Safety

Some people must realize that excessive lint, dust, and dirt clogging a dryer vent can lead to house fires.
The heat produced by the dryer can’t safely escape through the vent and builds up. Once it has begun to overheat, it becomes easier for the debris blocking the vent to ignite into flames.
According to a report by the National Fire Protection Association, there are thousands of house fires across the United States annually due to dryers.

2. Air Quality

When the ventilation is clogged, it’s challenging for the hot air to escape. This trapped hot air will begin to circulate back into your laundry room, along with allergens affecting indoor air quality.
Poor indoor air quality can lead to several health problems, especially for those with asthma or other repertory illnesses.
If you’ve noticed your family members or yourself coughing, sneezing, or wheezing more often, consider getting your ventilation cleaned.

3. Home Efficiency

Dirty ventilation can make your laundry machine overworked, creating higher utility bills.
Additionally, the trapped hot air circulating back into your home can cause its temperature to become unregulated, making the AC unit work harder than it should.
When you notice higher electric bills, it may be time to involve a professional.

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